Hearing is not required.

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Get notified of sounds calling for your attention using your smartphone. Even when taking a break from wearing your hearing aids or cochlear implants!

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We know the inconvenience of getting accommodations is often complicated, and relying on others is often not always possible. Sounds like a fire alarm, security alarm or door knocks require us to respond immediately. But hearing should not be the only requirement.


You’ll feel included when the environment isn’t readily accessible.


Connect to your surroundings with visual or haptic notifications.


Give yourself the confidence you need when you're out and about.


Start using it right away in your home or new space.

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Eleanor Pena

Theresa Webb


Lisnen makes it simpler than ever for the deaf and hard of hearing to be aware of noises calling for your immediate attention when you least expect it.

Lisnen is working closely with CHHA to bring technologies that can support its members to live their best lives and create new opportunities for co-creation during the early stages of more recent innovation. Lisnen believes in further advancing and supporting CHHA’s mission. In addition, CHHA members will receive a special discount of 10% off from the regular subscription price advertised on the App store through a separate online payment process.