Barrier-Free Communication & Hearing Solutions

A Social Enterprise by the Canadian Hard of Hearing Association providing accessible communication & hearing solution products, services, and resources.

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Providing Home Life & Workplace Better Hearing Solutions

We respond to our community’s needs by offering access to affordable, high-quality, modern hearing solution and communication products.

Featured Products

Rechargeable Dry Box

The Flow -Med Dry-Cap UV3®

Unleash the power of the patented Dry-Cap UV3®: a rechargeable, open drying-cap that ensures rapid drying and pristine cleanliness for all your rechargeable hearing aids!

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Pocket Talker Ultra

Portable Sound Amplifier

The dependable Pocket Talker Ultra amplifies sounds that are nearest to the listener while minimizing background noise, providing convenience and ease of use.

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TV Listening System

Bellman & Symfon Maxi Pro

Discover the complete potential of your listening experience with the Bellman & Symfon Maxi Pro Bluetooth TV Listening System, featuring the added Neck Loop. Don't miss out!

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DeafMetal Flower Ring

Gold Flower Ring

The sophisticated DeafMetal Flower Ring in gold boasts intricate floral etchings, easily attaching to Deafmetal Holsters for a secure and elegant accessory for hearing aids.