Hearing Loops and Hearing Assistive Technologies.

Removing Barriers and Making Homes, Work-Offices, Businesses and Community Service Venues Accesseble for All!

Partnering for Accessibility 

CHHA is excited to be partnering with Hearing Assistive Technology (HAT) Group to reduce barriers and create more accesssible environments across Canada. Working collaboratively CHHA and HAT Group are Raising Awareness, 
Providing Education & Training, and Bringing Technology & Service Solutions to remove barriers to hearing and communication.

Hearing Assistive Technologies

Product and Service Solutions

1 to 1 Hearing Loops 

One to One hearing loops are used in a variety of environments such as bank counters, ticket offices and supermarket checkouts. They assist in situations where conversation between two people takes place and can be either fixed or portable.

Large Loop Systems

Large area hearing loops (also known as induction loops) are installed in settings where a large number of people can benefit from a superior listening experience, such as theaters, classrooms, council chambers and conference centres.

Infrared Systems

Infrared (IR) systems operate much like traditional TV remote controls. Transmitters flood infrared light so that the required area is covered, allowing users to pick up the audio signal using a range of compatible IR receivers. ​ These systems are ideal for venues where confidentiality is important or users need to move between areas with different sound sources.

Radio Frequency Systems

Radio Frequency Systems. Our radio frequency systems also known as FM systems use wireless radio waves to transmit sound directly to listening options such a headphone or inductive neckloops. The range includes portable as well as large-scale transmitters.

Window Intercom Systems

Conversations through safety screens at financial institutions, retailers, hospitals, clinics, and other service counters are not effective without a system to aid them. ​ With the help of open duplex technology, speech can be transferred effectively through obstacles such as partitions, safety glass and screens, meaning your customers and staff remain safe while guaranteeing the best communication experience possible.

Breaking down barriers for Accessible Communication

For Every Purchase, HAT Group will donate (5 %) to support the Mission and Programs of CHHA...inspiring and empowering Canadians impacted by hearing loss.